What Is The Difference Between SIM, eSIM and iSIM

SIM, eSIM and iSIM Understanding The Difference

What is a SIM?


You all have been seeing it for a long time now. Through the years, it has changed its design and become smaller from the size of a credit card to mini to micro to nano. The current nano-SIM fits in any phone’s SIM tray, and that’s the best thing about it

So, what is an eSIM?


An eSIM is embedded directly into your smartphone in place of or with your physical SIM card. The best advantage of having an ESIM is that when switching telecom operators, everything can be done remotely by the mobile operator. You don’t have to remove or change the SIM to do all that.

iSIM, what is that?


An iSIM is the latest innovation in SIM card technology. It is integrated directly into the processor of the smartphone. ISIM cards are more secure than eSIM or traditional SIM cards, as they are not accessible physically. It has been developed keeping in mind loT devices.

Who is the future?

So, it’s evident that an eSIM will slowly replace physical SIM cards. But they may not be the ideal solution since the iSIM technology will prevail in the coming future. That’s because it’s a perfect solution for loT devices that need to communicate over cellular networks at most times.

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