upcoming smartphones in October 2022

Upcoming Smartphones In October 2022

Upcoming smartphones in October 2022…

We always see that most of the mobile phone companies launch their phones every month. So this is the time to know about which phones are coming out next month.

The festive sale on flipkart and amazon that is going on and will end in 2-3 days, before this, all brands launched many phones. If you’ve went through our review blogs, you would be aware of this, and we have suggested value for money phones in the previous month.

Now talking about the next month that is October 2022, the smartphone launches won’t be tightly packed. But there are 1-2 launches which we people should be aware of.

In this blog we will know about all the 8-9 phones launching in the next month in category wise.

Let’s divide it according to price category….


1. Xiaomi 12 Lite

This will come till mid-October.

  • 55″ AMOLED 120Hz
  • 4300mAh

   Just like so many phones, it will be the same type. Let’s see the prices when it will launch.

2. iQOO Neo 7

upcoming smartphones in October 2022

According to our searches, one good phone that will come under Rs. 30000 is the IQOO Neo 7, because the IQOO Neo 6 was a really good phone. IQOO Neo 6 was very aggressively priced, and we are expecting the IQOO Neo 7 to be similar to this.

  • MediaTek Dimensity 9000+
  • 120Hz FHD+
  • 120W Charging

Remember, the 9000 + dimensity has a score of 11 lakh that is 1.1 million. So, the performance is going to be very good. It will be launched by mid-October.

3. OnePlus Nord 3

upcoming smartphones in October 2022

Oneplus Note 3 is also going to launch in October.

  • MediaTek Dimensity 8100
  • 50MP Triple Camera Setup

So, it will be around Rs.25000. We are not sure if the charging will be around 65W, but yes there will be fast charging. One plus Note 3 will definitely launch by October end.


1. Realme GT Neo 4

upcoming smartphones in October 2022
photo: specifications-pro.com

It is 99% confirmed that Realme GT Neo 4 will launch in October. It is 8+ Gen 1. This one is flagship level. it’s not Gen 2, it’s Gen1 plus.

  • Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 SoC
  • 100W charging
  • 5K AMOLED Screen

It will definitely launch by mid-October.

This is the only phone to be launched with confirmation. There may be more but there are no confirmations.


1. Xiaomi 12T Series

upcoming smartphones in October 2022
photo: www.techgoing.com

In October there are going to be many Xiaomi phone launches, even in the flagship category Xiaomi 12T series will be launched.

  • 67″ 2K + AMOLED 120Hz
  • 4500mAh + 120W Charging
  • Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1

Considering everything it is going to be a flagship and it is 8+ Gen 1 and it will launch by mid-October. It is definitely going to be launched globally. Will it come in India at the same timed? Well, it is not yet confirmed, but globally it is 100% confirmed.

2. Google Pixel 7 Series

upcoming smartphones in October 2022
photo: www.androidauthority.com

The biggest launch of October is going to be the Google pixel 7 and Google pixel 7 Pro. That was the biggest surprise. suddenly on Flipkart, out of the blue there was a poster teaser saying that pixel 7 and pixel 7 Pro are coming soon. It is confirmed and it will arrive in mid-October.

  • Tensor 2nd Generation chipset
  • New Camera and Design

It is really going to be a good phone, but it is not really going to be cheap. The price range will be Rs. 70000, Rs. 80000 Rs. 90000. It will definitely launch in mid-October. And you will be very happy by this launch because Google launches the budget series but never the Pro series. For example they didn’t launch the pixel 6 Pro but now they are launching along with global. So that’s a big thumbs up.

3. Vivo X Fold & Vivo X80 Pro+

upcoming smartphones in October 2022

There may not be confirmations yet, but the chances are strong for global launch or just in China of Vivo and Vivo x80 Pro. These two phones will definitely launch in China, in India they will probably arrive later or at the same time it is not confirmed. Everyone thought that there should be other foldable phones in India other than Samsung. It is high time, so everyone is looking forward to Vivo X-Fold and xiaomi foldable phones. the specifications are great. In China the launch date was 26 September which means it has already launched in China.

Vivo X80 Pro+

  • Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1
  • 4730mAh
  • 80W Charging

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