Top 10 Upcoming WhatsApp Features In 2022

WhatsApp is seriously doing some good work. We often wonder why WhatsApp is so basic? Now it seems like it’s becoming a bit complex, not complex but it is introducing so many new features. In this blog we will get to know about some 10 to 11 features coming in different stages. some will be rolled out very soon and some have already rolled out. These features might have come on Beta first but those who don’t have Beta, they wouldn’t have gotten them till now. they will come in the next few days.



This feature will be liked by everyone. Yes, avatars are coming. You know that the iPhone has a Memoji  which you can personalize, just like that but without the animation you can customize the avatar according to your face and send some custom emoji to other people. It will be amazing. It will be a very popular feature. Now this one is getting tested and will roll out very soon.


By the way, till now you could only react to your messages and not to status. Now in this feature you can, yes you will be able to react to statuses. Till now you only saw the status and had a thought but couldn’t say, now you can do that really soon with the help of this feature.


If you don’t like to see a lot, but like to listen, then a new feature is coming for that. Now you can set audio messages as your status. Yes, now audio statuses will be available. By the way, what do you think about the audio statuses?… I am not sure how many people are going to go and listen. I really don’t think many people will listen but yes audio status is coming.


This feature I think will make the group administrators happy. now you can delete a message of a group member, until now it wasn’t possible. Now you as a group admin can go and delete the messages using this feature. If anybody posts indecent messages, then you as an admin can delete them. you can keep your group nice and sanitize from now.

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In big groups their arises question; who has left the group and who hasn’t? so, now you can see the history for which group member has left the group in the last 60 days. It means there is a historical record of the last 60 days, and it is a good and very important feature.


This feature is also very important, leaving the group silently. Yes, many times it happens that you leave the group and there its written that this member has left the group and that doesn’t look good. we don’t want to make anyone sad, so we don’t leave and go on reading the messages even though we mute it. But now you can leave the group. If you want to be free from those good morning messages from your family members, then leave the group silently.


With the use of this feature now you can block the screenshots. Very soon, this feature is coming where people won’t be able to screenshot your view once messages.


Finally, a companion app. If you use WhatsApp on different devices, then you know the problem you face. There is a tablet, computer and mobile phone but now due to the companion app on tablets, on phone, and even on the computer, WhatsApp will work seamlessly. So, there is the WhatsApp web, on your phone, and even on your tablets. It will sink on all three immediately. So, you can join on different devices with one account. So, the companion app is coming and that’s very nice.


This feature is still going to be rolled out and that is also an important feature due to which I think the video calling feature will increase. now you will be able to share the link of the video call, if it is a group call then you will be able to share the link. Early, you had to go in the group and then share and only then people could join. But now, you can share the link on email, messages just like the normal zoom meeting/Google meet, something like that. The people can connect using that link.

After reading, do let us know in the comment box which feature you liked the most? and what is the most important feature for you from these?

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