Ransomware Attack On Ferrari, Hackers Leak 7 GB Of Data

Ransomware attack: Ferrari Data leaked 

One week ago, Ferrari announced their new partnership with the Romanian cybersecurity experts, Bit defender. However, just a few hours back, Ferrari announced that some of its documents had been leaked. Reports said Ferrari has reportedly been hit by a Ransomware attack, and important documents of Ferrari are available online, the documents include data sheets, repair manual and more were stolen from Merinello in Italy.

What is Ransomware?


Ransomware is a cyber threat that infects the system and then demands payment to offer Ransom to be able to use it again. All files within a system or computer or entire network of vulnerable companies were encrypted so that they become unbeatable to the rightful owner and the unlock code is given only in exchange for Ransom, that’s called ransomware.

Ferrari Documents which were leaked and published?

However, Super sports car maker Ferrari admitted that the internal documents are online but there is no evidence of any Cyber-attack. The company also said that it was working to identify how this had happened and implement all the appropriate actions as needed earlier. Reports said that Ferrari had been the victim of Savage attack and 7 gigabytes of documents including internal data sheets and repair handbooks have been made public. However, this is not the first time that Ferrari documents have been stolen by hackers, earlier it was hacker group Everest that launched a hacking attack on the company Spironi which supplies parts for sports cars. These documents were also leaked and published including data of Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati.

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Some years back there was a similar incident, Ferrari data was leaked. But that was not hacking. That was through an engineer who passed it onto McLaren. That was known as the Spy gate scandal and McLaren were disqualified from that year’s constructor’s championship.

What is your view on Ferrari cyber-attack? Do you also think it’s a Ransomware attack? Or do you think it’s a case of corporate espionage? Do let us know by giving your views in the comment box.

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