M2 iPad Pro

M2 iPad Pro 2022 Review: The most powerful iPad ever

M2 iPad Pro

The new iPad Pro 2022 edition has arrived. And it is exactly the same as the M1 iPad Pro 2021 as we talk about in-hand feel. It looks exactly the same as the previous edition, be the camera module, looks, design everything is the same from the exterior.

M1 iPad Pro 2021 vs M2 iPad Pro 2022

Let me tell you when you close your eyes, you can’t say which is which. 2021 and 2022 iPad feel no different. The camera module is exactly the same and the in hand feel exactly the same wait is also the same force is also the same everything’s the same physically both are identical.

But since they are identical on the outside will they genetical from the inside? Let’s find out point wise.

1. iPad's display

The display is exactly the same. Yes, it is the same 12.9″ Retina XDR display. There are 10000 LEDs. It was the first iPad Pro with the mini-LEDs. It is amazing. It has 1600 nits’ brightness. so, on the topic of display, both are the same.

2. Variants

If you talk about the variance then there is 2tb available now. It was also available in the 2021 edition too. Total 8GB, 12GB RAM variants are there. If you buy 128 GB, 256 GB or 512 GB storage then you get 8GB RAM. And if you buy 1 TB or 2 TB then you get 16GB RAM.

3. SIM Card support

Yes, there is sim card support. It is in both of the iPads, 2021 variant and 2020 to variant.

4. Camera

If you talk about selfie cameras, then the 12-megapixel camera is on the shorter side which is not right positioning wise because there is the face ID on the longer side so, they had to put it there. but the iPad 10 which has been launched with this has the webcam on the longer side which I think is more useful.

5. Hover mode

But the biggest difference in both of the iPads is not hardware, it is software that enables the Apple Pencil (second gen) to work. Yes M2 iPad Pro 2022 edition has a “hover mode.” It is very useful for creative and artistic people especially when you choose the tools or do drawing, then you can do so many things with the hover mode which will help the workflow of an artist to be simplistic and fast. Hover mode was not present in the M1 iPad Pro 2021 edition.

6. Performance

There is an M2 processor inside this and if I see AnTuTu score, it comes to over 1.3 million. It has a disadvantage of size. it is difficult to play a game due to its size. yes, you can easily do gaming on the highest settings. There will be absolutely no problem.

According to me, if you want an iPad for gaming, you should look at the iPad 11. It has 11″ screen, or you can consider iPad mini for gaming. This one basically is for creators and artists since its power can be utilized that way.

7. Multimedia

Sound quality is very good. It has crazy multimedia functions. Especially if I talk about speakers, it is absolutely fantastic so obviously there are quad speakers and due to its big size they get room as well. If you see the Bass or Treble, they are good. overall loud and great quality speakers. so multimedia with this display and audio, you are absolutely going to love it. if you want to watch Netflix and all of this, you won’t even need a TV. If I am talking about Netflix, then let me just say that it has support for Dolby-Vision which takes the picture quality to the next level.

8. Connectivity

The connectivity has been updated from the previous edition Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth 5.3 is here. but there is a thing, this is more for future proofing, not for now because anyways you can’t use Wi-Fi 6E. you can use Bluetooth 5.3 but not Wi-Fi 6E. so, it is for future proofing and other latest connectivity options are available.

9. Rear camera

Another latest thing is here, thanks to M2. Now from the dual camera on the back with 12 MP + 10 MP, you can shoot 4K 30fps and that too, pro resolution video. It also gets a LIDAR scanner. And specially if you use a LIDAR scanner, if you are an architect there are many other use cases. If you are using LIDAR then, this camera is very very useful, otherwise the front camera of 12 MP will be more useful specially for video conferencing and all that.

10. OS UI

The stage managers seem like it’s an unfinished product. but even with that stage manager issue, I am using the iPad Pro with the magic keyboard. Is it a laptop replacement? I’ll say it is a powerful laptop replacement but only for a few people. Because The iPad OS Stil cannot be seen as a laptop OS, there are still some things that are missing but yes, it is going to be as powerful a laptop as possible.

11. Price

When it is Apple products the price is irrelevant. If I talk about the iPad Pro 2022, it starts from around Rs.1.13 lakh and it goes all the way up to Rs.2.15 lakh for its top variant. and there is sim card support too.


If you are not an artist or a creator then I would suggest that you buy the iPad Pro 2021 edition, but if you are an artist or a creator or if you want the latest and greatest and money is not an issue then you can definitely look at iPad Pro 2022.

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