India’s First And Unique Samudrayaan

Mission Samudrayan: India’s First and Unique Manned Ocean

We all are familiar with mission Chandrayan and mission Mangalyaan, but do we know about Samudrayaan?

In October 2021, Union Minister of State, science and technology and Earth science Jitdendra singh launched India’s first and unique ocean mission. It is India’s first and unique ocean mission. The Samudrayaan mission was announced by the National Institute of Ocean Technology (NIOT) It was approved in June 2021 by the (MoES). In this mission india will send a team in deep sea upto 6000 meters deep. For this, a selfpropelled vehicle, a submarine will be made which is named MATSYA 6000. MATSYA 6000 is capable of boarding 3 humans and taking them too deep upto 6000 meters (m). It will be ready for its launch in 2024 for its Samudrayaan Mission.


To go this deep is not easy, as we go deep into the water the pressure of the water goes on increasing. The pressure beyond 500 meters is unbearable for humans and we can die. That’s why the submarine’s cabin has to be pressurized. The budget for this mission allocated is 4077 Crores over the course of 5 years.

India can be the primary developing country to undertake such a project. If the ‘Samudrayaan’ project will be successful, then India can also join the league of developed nations in the exploration of minerals from oceans.

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