cyber threats

How to Protect yourself from becoming victim of cyber threats

Cyber Threats and prevention 

Everyone nowadays utilizes the internet and is subject to cyber-attacks, from your children downloading free games to you using online banking to your parents’ purchasing gifts from online merchants.

Although you cannot completely eliminate the risks connected with these internet activities, you can take efforts to reduce them by teaching your family and yourself how to proactively avoid home security breaches by adopting five basic security methods.

cyber threats

Ways to keep yourself and your family safe from becoming victims of cyber threats

● Keep very strong and a safe password

Each member of your family should have a strong password that they all agree not to disclose with anyone. A strong password should be as long and complex as possible—ideally, a phrase—and contain a combination of lower-case, capital, digits, and symbols.

● Internet router of your home

Make sure your router is password-protected and secure for your home internet connections. – Contact your service provider if you need assistance or are unsure how to proceed.

● Download securely

Check the download’s source to ensure it came from a trustworthy website. Be cautious, as many rogue websites are “copy-cat” trustworthy.

● Cyber insurance for family

Cyberbullying, internet fraud, and many types of data breaches can all be covered by this insurance. The internet can damage your family, particularly your youngsters.

● Don't use same password for every accounts

Passwords are a pain, and it feels like you’re being prompted to establish one everywhere you go online. The simplest option would be to use the same password everywhere for convenience, but this comes at the expense of decreased security. If one of your websites is hacked, the hacker now knows the password to your entire digital life. When the hackers successfully guess one of your passwords, they will use that password to get access to more sensitive sites, such as your bank account, investment account, and so on. Use unique passwords for crucial sites like banking and email, and change them every six months.

● Keep your accounts private on social media

Keep your personal information confidential. Use the security settings on the social networking site to limit who gets access to your information. Avoid the survey apps you see on those sites as well, as they are meant to entice you to provide your personal information with someone who will swiftly sell it.

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  1. Malware has become one of the most significant external threats to systems. Malware can cause widespread damage and disruption and requires huge efforts within most organizations.

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