Future Technology upgradations in smartphone

Future Technology updates In Smartphone

In this blog you will know about some very-very exciting things in the smartphone space. We will know what new world is going to see in 2022 smartphones.

If you have questions like “what new tech will we see in smartphones?” …then you will get all your answers by reading this blog. In this blog you will get to know about 7-8 exciting things but 5 of them are most exciting.

Let’s read all those upcoming techs one by one.


Future Technology upgradations in smartphone

Brands like OPPO, VIVO, Xiaomi have made their customised chips for their cameras. For example, Vivo X80 has vivo v1+ chip, OPPO has Mari Silicon X. So, these chips make life much easier for the brands. functionalities like AI, post processing are handled by these chips. For example, Snapdragon and MediaTek have their own ISP, but customised chipset sits above them, and it makes things much easier as they use the existing algorithms and improve them. So, because of this, we will get better post processing over the period of time.


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It is going to go on to the next level. We have seen up to 6X, 8X, 10X optical zoom but now we will see 4X Periscope zoom which will zoom 20X or even 30X Optical zoom and we will capture great moon shots. In fact, in 2 years the transformation of the camera’s output will be crazy; they might even beat DSLRs. Megapixel count will also increase. We have seen 108-megapixel cameras, but by the end of this year we will definitely see multiple phones having 200 megapixels. Motorola Frontier will be the first smartphone with a 200 megapixels camera.


in display camera smartphone

In the next 6 months they will improve a lot, especially in flagship smartphones.


Future Technology upgradations in smartphone

Biometrics will also improve a lot. Already we have seen Ultrasonic fingerprint sensors in flagship phones. It registers in a single tap and is very quick but by the end of this year, you will be able to use 5 to 6 fingerprints together. And also the fingerprint area will become a lot bigger, probably you can use half screen for fingerprint recognition.

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We have already seen 150W charging smartphones. Also, Oppo has demonstrated 200W charging. But, by the second or third quarter of 2022, we will see many smartphones that have 200W charging and will be commercially available. It means you can buy those smartphones. But we are more excited for Air charging, Motorola and Samsung are already working on it. You can charge 4 to 5 multiple devices together simultaneously wirelessly via an Air charger at a distance from 3 to 4 feet. This will be really amazing. So, there will be a master charger and it will charge multiple devices simultaneously without even getting close.


We will soon see Rollable and Slidable display phones. We might even see a new form factor in folding phone from Samsung (Slidable or Rollable phone)


Future Technology upgradations in smartphone

3nm Chipsets: Samsung has already started 3nm chip production and it’s crazy. We have seen 4nm chipsets, but we might see a smartphone in 2002 based on 3nm chipsets. so, 3nm chipsets are definitely coming. And they will be even more power efficient.

The purpose of this blog is to tell everyone about the new smartphone techs that’s going to come in the next few months.

Which upcoming tech you like do comment below in the comment section.

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