Best Smartwatch Under Rs. 5,000 In India

Top 5 Best Smartwatch Under 5,000 Inr

This is the Diwali season. Everyone wants to buy smart watches. In this blog you’ll get the best smart watches under rs 5000. We did a lot of research on basic ideas and wrote them according to that.

Talking about 1 year ago, the watches that were worth Rs.10,000 nowadays the features that were presented in Rs.10,000 watches are now present in watches worth Rs.5,000 in smart watches. For example, Bluetooth calling used to be in a flagship smartwatch but now it is also available in smart watches under 5K.

Basic criteria of all the watches ranked here

  • Bluetooth calling
  • 5 days battery life
  • App support
  • Heart rate sensor
  • SPO2

5. Fire- Bolt Dynamite

  • 1.81″ Display
  • Bluetooth Calling
  • 120+ Sports mode
  • Fast Charging
  • 100+ Watch faces
  • 8 Days battery life
  • Da Fit App

In the fifth position there is Firebolt Dynamite. It is an Indian brand, and it has Bluetooth calling and 8 hours battery life, good app support and has 100 + watch faces. So overall, you will see this is a nice watch, but the biggest thing is the big screen. If we compare all the five watches, then it has the biggest screen of 8.81 inches. It is really a big watch. If you have a big wrist, it will be very good and not only this, the price is Rs.2500. for value for money also it is a big value for money smart watch.

Price- Rs.2,499

4. Fastrack Reflex Hello

  • 1.69″ HD Display
  • Bluetooth Calling
  • In-Built Games
  • Custom watch faces
  • AI Voice assistance
  • 5 Days Battery life
  • Fastrack Reflex App

The most special thing about this is the voice assistant. Generally, in watches under Rs.5,000 they don’t have a voice assistant but this one has. It has a 1.69-inch screen, it has 5-day battery life and watch faces, heartbeat sensor and SPO2 all that is there, and it has the Fastrack branding. Fastrack is a very good brand, and its price is around 4,000 rupees so, in our opinion it is a good smartwatch and yes it also has Bluetooth calling too. One more thing there are inbuilt games in this smartwatch, that is definitely a plus. No other watch has this thing.

Price- Rs.3,995

3. Noise ColorFit Pro 4

  • 1.72″ Display, 60Hz Refresh Rate, 500 Nits Brightness.
  • Bluetooth Calling
  • 100 Sports mode
  • 150+ Watch faces
  • 7 Days Battery life
  • Noise fit App

Big names. One thing is that the display is big too, it has a 1.72-inch display but more than that there is 500 nits’ brightness. Remember that for a smartwatch its brightness is really important. if you want a really bright watch because you are more outdoors when you look at it then definitely the 500 nits’ brightness might be very beneficial. This has more than 150 watch faces, a seven day battery life and all the other standard features all are present. The price is Rs.3,300 rupees and in my opinion, this is definitely value for money.

Price- Rs.2,998

2. DIZO Watch R Talk

  • 1.3″ Amoled Display
  • Smart Always on Display
  • Bluetooth Calling
  • 10 Days Battery Life
  • 110 Sports Mode
  • 150+ Watch Faces
  • DIZO App

If you want a small watch then you can definitely look at the second number smartwatch: DIZO Watch R Talk is the name, R for round display and it is a small display of 1.3 inch. It has an Amoled display and the biggest battery life, you get 10 days battery life.  And DIZO is very good when it comes to smart watches. They have launched multiple smart watches. All the other features like Bluetooth calling, heart rate sensor, SPO2, watch faces, app support all of them are present and if I talk about the price, it is Rs.5000. Remember that it has an Amoled display so its price is higher but still it is under Rs.5000 and with offers you will get it under 5000.

Price- Rs.4,999

1. Realme Watch 3 Pro

dizo watch r talk
  • 1.78″ Amoled Display
  • Bluetooth Calling
  • Multi-System Standalone GPS
  • 10 Days Battery life
  • 110+ Sports Mode
  • 100 Stylish Watch Faces
  • Realme Link App

All others smart watches till now use the phone’s GPS, they didn’t have their stand-alone GPS. Now the number one smartwatch is Realme Watch 3 Pro because it has a stand-alone GPS. It has a 1.78-inch Amoled display so, it has a big as well as amoled display. It has a 10 days battery life so that is good. It has 110+ watch faces so that’s good too. SPO2, heart rate and all other features are present in this watch. So, battery life is the most important and the matter of display is really good. That is why it is number one and the price is less than 5K again. It offers so many features in Rs.5000 including GPS which is mostly in the flagship watches. definitely this realme 3 Pro comes in our list number 1.

Price- Rs.4,999

The links of all the smartwatches which are listed above are given below so go and check it out.

By the way, tell us in the comments do you have a smart watch? Any among these smart watches? Or do you have a different one? And also tell us one more thing: is the ranking ok according to you or not?

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